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Post by xfrogmanx on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:03 pm

Instead of SkyDrive, use Live Mesh. It's only 5GB, but it is a true local sync, offers a drag/drop option on windows, is shared across multiple machines that are authenticated (Change a file on one machine, and all other machines synced get that file automatically the next time they're online, or in real time if they are online), and you can invite other people to also map to your online folders for view, create, or full control access.

It takes a few accounts, but we're sharing 22GB of data between myself and friends now, all associated with role playing (PDFs of books, character generator files, and more).

We've coordinated the shared folders such that if one of the PCs updates a character, it syncs to my share, so when I'm the GM, just before each weeks adventure i can easily print out sheets for those who need them (onyl a few don;t have laptops now), and everyone else allways has electronic access to all the characters without requiring network shares and other complex setups.

As an added bonus, any machine authenticated to your Live Drive can be remoted into anytime it's online. This does not require openeing RDP or VNC to the works, nor any incoming firewall rules at all, its central server based authentication and reverse tunneling is secure, and allows you to get to all your PCs (and Macs too!!!) without security risks of sharing through firewalls. Also, since it;s a site, corporate filters don't block it, so I can remote home anytime even from our very strict network, and from there access any sites i want without pestering the folks that manage the web filters for access to sites i should have access to

found this comment on a page while looking around for some additional cloud storage. currently i use dropbox, but was wondering about cross syncing and onenote/school files and games saves, etc.

found out some intersting stuff. the pages i am currently looking at
and the above one. i'll post again for my conclusions on which iam going for. iam thingking skydrive and possibly livemesh to cross sync to my desktop and labtop which would back up and allow all my files to be updated to all the computers i use.


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